Patz Season Posted

Hiya OJP fans! Just FYI, if you look over at the GIGS tab we have this spring’s Patz shows listed. We’ll have more shows NOT at Patz to list shortly so stay tuned! In fact, click on the RSS link for those who get what RSS does, those who don’t? Well, check back!

The OJPeeps!

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New Year, Same Great Band, New Gigs

Oswego Jazz ProjectGreetings all, hope you had a safe holiday season. We’re going to be back into full swing at Patz and other locations, we look forward to getting out the and playing again, meeting people, and playing great music.

Again we’ll be, essentially, like the house band at Patz, you get to see us for the awesome price of FREE! Free music, what can be wrong with that? Doesn’t mean we won’t take tips (money, not playing advice thanks). Barring that, a drink on you. More or less we’re playing at Patz almost every Wednesday for all of Spring so check us out. Come in, have some great food, have a drink, and listen to us play. Simple as that. We’ll have CDs for sale at the gig (hopefully) as well, so if you don’t feel like ordering online, see us.

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Oswego Jazz Project

Oswego Jazz Project MonkeyOne isn’t supposed to mention their web sites but, hey, here it is, Oswego Jazz Project, dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. We’ll do our best to make this a give and take. Feel free to leave comments about our shows, make requests (maybe we’ll listen), or check to see if we’ll play a gig, who knows, we’d love to play in a venue near you!

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